Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Does Switching to E-cigarettes Improve Your Health?

Below the article about E-Cigarettes Improve your health?

The electronic cigarette is thrown into the spotlight recently with people like Johnny Depp and Kate Moss to support their cause. With the smoking ban strictly, it is not difficult to see why this new phenomenon, smoking is becoming one of the latest fads. These tubes are realistic looking like a real cigarette in shape and is light at the end. When you exhale, "white smoke" exhaling a cigarette-mail is replacing the more realistic market.

In a real cigarette is the nicotine that makes it so addictive. In fact, experts estimate that nicotine makes it more addictive than heroin, simply because it is the fastest chemical known to be effective if it is inhaled. In fact, it only takes 9 seconds for this chemical out of the mouth to have an effect on receptors in the brain that makes the chemical is as addictive to go.

Cigarette smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals and that is what is so bad for you when it comes to smoking. Tar, formaldehyde and carbon monoxide are some of the harmful chemicals that are inhaled when smoking. These chemicals not only cause cancer, but they remain in the lungs, it may not work as possible.

It is easy to see why people choose a healthier alternative to the electronic cigarette. Inhalation of this device, you get a hit of nicotine but no other harmful chemicals. The "white smoke" you're breathing out is nothing more than water vapor. Since you are not breathing these pollutants, it is indeed possible to use the electronic cigarette in many public places.

Use the electronic cigarette for a healthy alternative. They are not in the 4000 harmful chemicals in their breath a real cigarette, but the rush of nicotine. Since you do not exhale water vapor, it is not only better for you, but that in your environment, it is particularly useful if you have kids.

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